¿Que Pasa?….What’s going on! in Santiago del Teide?

Canaries day will be celebrated on 29and30 May with musical theatre from 8.30pm in the square in Puerto Santiago…and an artesan market during the following day between 11am and 7.30pm.

The beach in Los Gigantes is undergoing improvements. These include better accessibility, shower and changing rooms, and a watch tower for the lifeguard as well as new lighting.

Meanwhile, the beach in Playa Arena is the first in Spain to use graphic symbols on the warning flags to help those who have impaired sight, specifically with difficulty distinguishing colours. Traditionally the flags use the red, amber and green system.

The 4th extreme mountain bike event is on 16th June. The intrepid bikers leave from the top of the zig zag path at 10 in the morning for races through the top of Los Gigantes. There are various categories according to age and experience.

And the annual football training camp comes to Puerto Santiago for 1 to 6 July. You can find out about all sporting activities by going to deportes Santiago del teide. com

The fisherman’s museum in Puerto Santiago hosts regular art exhibitions. It’s open between 10am and 1pm and then from 4to 7pm. It’s closed on Sundays and only open in the morning on Saturdays.

Masca barranco

today the Cabildo has announced the latest situation.

This is that its environment department has recently visited the works, which are under its jurisdiction, for the adaptation, signalling and improvements for walkers’ security and the environment of Masca barranco generally.

The budget for the works is €1m and includes the refurbishment of the visitor centre and a regulatory procedure for visits. Environment councillor José Antonio Valbuena said that the measures were intended “to guarantee the maximum possible security and avoid incidents in the area caused by the type of terrain.

Valbuena explained that works were coming on well, and so far consisted of the consolidation of the main track, control points, and increased security measures. No confirmed date has yet been provided for the barranco to be reopened to walkers.

vaccinated against measles

The Spanish Paediatric Association, along with the Canarian Association of Vaccinology Nurses, has urged parents to ensure their children are vaccinated against measles.

The call comes as rates shoot up in several parts of the world, including in Spain but especially the USA, as anti-vac groups attack scientists and doctors with misinformation and intimidation campaigns, particularly in social media and especially Facebook